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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a strategic process designed to attain your objectives of personal and professional development and it allows you to free yourself from binds and to overcome apparently insuperable obstacles. It also enables you to acquire new behaviours and competences in order to progress or to adapt to actual and future environments.

Each one carries the solutions to the problems faced. Thus, we favour the emergence of solutions, behaviours and practices that prove to be the most adapted to the complexity of the professional and personal worlds. Our process is structured by two different approaches. The first one is focused on short term results and immediate action. It is solution oriented and deliberately positivist and pragmatic. The second one is more concentrated on middle and long term results and it is defined by a generative orientation. It enables to identify your individual values, your psychological functioning as well as the finality and the global coherence of your actions.

In this framework, we intervene on the person’s endogenous factors and we have recourse to validated tool such as the cognitive-behavioural approach, Transactional Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and philosophy. Our analysis are realized in a systemic mode, which ensures to find solutions in complete coherence with the individual specificities and the contexts.


We proceed to the (re-)activation of the values and the dormant competences that help reaching the defined objectives. In this perspective, we also induce new values and competences and we regularly activate them in order to ensure their assimilation. Furthermore, we pay particular attention to the coherence between the individual’s behaviour and his function, for this is a relevant indicator of the assimilation and the durability of those new dynamics. In addition, our approach allows us to exclude any dependence of the coachee towards his coach and to hold him fully responsible and autonomous.

Let’s also underline that professional objectives per se are not objectives themselves since they are the observable repercussions of a deeper change in the individual’s global functioning.

According to the objectives set, we offer the following services :

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