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Executive assessment

It is essential to ensure taking relevant decisions during processes such as promotions and selections. To do so, our assessment method enables to define a competence and responsibility framework and to identify the profiles that efficiently meet the function’s requirements. In other words : the right person in the right place.

Our assessments are based on behavioural and functional analysis. They are carried out by two analysts and validated by professional scenarios at different levels of difficulty. In this way, we can clearly identify the types of competences and the potential. This also allows us to observe the activation of the manager’s personal and professional resources, and to identify the validation probability of his development potential. Moreover, we verify the durability parameters within the context of the organization and we highlight the individual’s endogenous values and their coherence with the environmental parameters.

In this framework, the assessors define both the process and the exploratory tools. Some specific analysis can be realized in collaboration with the employer.

As a preliminary, a three-way contract is established between the employer, the beneficiary and the provider of the service. This is in order to ensure the informations’ confidentiality as well as right use of the results within the framework of competence management (cf. CO and LPD).