Equidem - Suum quisque noscat infenium et quam norit artem in hac se exerceat

Competence, professional and orientation portfolios

Portfolios are appropriate tools in career management as they not only enable to identify the resources and the personal potential, but they also permit to define many behavioural parameters and their coherence within the professional environment.

Our approach is contextual and systemic. It is based on personalized interviews, carried out by at least one analyst. We have recourse to validated and relevant tools, such as Transactional Analysis and analytical psychology. Equidem’s portfolios comprise analysis of career curves, career points, motivational dynamics, behavioural values, pillars of life and personal resources. We also provide a detailed situational analysis and the strategic orientations that will lead to a solid professional project. Each portfolio is released as a thorough report and every element included is validated by several confirmation measures.

In order to meet your expectations, we offer the following portfolios :