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Competence portfolio

Competence portfolio is initialized by the beneficiary in a personal way. For legal reasons, the employer cannot make use of it (cf. CO and LPD).

This personal approach is often animated by the wish to analyse the skills and the personal competences as well as their possible use in the professional, personal and social fields. It enables to clarify the motivations, to manage personal resources and to organize the priorities in accordance with one’s values and life choices.

Thus, we proceed to the identification of job-related, global and absolute competences. Moreover, we evaluate the potential in a professional, personal and social context as well as its application in a broad sense. The coherence of objectives is analyzed considering the individual values and the pillars of life.

In this framework, the assessor defines the exploratory tools whereas the process and the strategic orientation are commonly defined.

At the end of the last session, a detailed synthesis report is handed over to the beneficiary and commented. This document includes all the results and enables to define a relevant action plan, in accordance with the objectives.

Upon request, we can follow the strategy’s progress and the objectives’ attainment through an individual coaching program.

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