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Executive search

In an increasingly competitive professional environment, it is crucial to be surrounded by talents who will actively contribute to the success of your company. In order to achieve this and to meet the highest expectations, Equidem will bring all its know-how and rigorous methodology.

As a partner, we speak your language and you will benefit from our organizational and psychological competences so that you can have taylor-made advices. We identify the talents at a national/international level and attract them into your company. Such personalities will be a significant value added, particularly in functions like general management, but also in finance, marketing and communication, R&D and sales.


The list below shows the various stages of our executives or specialized profiles researches :

  • Identification of the values, the company’s culture and micro-cultures as well as the strategic and economic contexts that characterise your company.
  • Support in the clarification and classification of your requirements and expectations in terms of necessary competences (from a technical and human stand point) : prerequisite, personality, management tools, strategic competences, etc.
  • Creation of a tool for the monitoring of recruitment and selection processes allowing you to be informed of each step of the mission’s progress, and/or to be actively involved in the recruitment process.
  • Initialisation of the recruitment process through the use of several channels.


  • First phase of selection on the basis of professional files with relevant information on the market characteristics.
  • Second and third phases of selection by the “destructured interviews” and “crossed semi-directive” techniques carried out by 2 interviewers.
  • Presentation of the candidates selected in the final phase (minimum 2 candidates), development and transmission of decision tools (behaviour modeling, potential of development, etc.).
  • On request, we can bring our expertise within the framework of the final choice.
  • Monitoring the integration of the new collaborator in your company.
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